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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I watch out for when renting a golf cart?2020-08-19T07:03:02-04:00

When renting a golf cart it’s vital you choose a company that follows rules and regulations set forth by our governing body. Golf Carts must have insurance if they are to be operated on the street. Always ask if an insurance policy is carried. Be sure to find out the age of the golf cart rental and try to get a newer model. As far as brands are concerned; just make sure its made in the USA with the correct DOT modifications.

Where can I rent a golf cart on Anna Maria?2020-08-23T05:20:28-04:00

Where Can I rent a Cart? ZoomAround is happy to provide Golf Cart Rentals on Anna Maria. Call us for more information.

Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs)2020-07-10T00:37:41-04:00

Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) are “any four-wheeled vehicle whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour, but not greater than 25 miles per hour. LSVs must be registered, titled, and insured with personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) insurance. Click here to learn more.

When does a golf cart rental need to be returned?2020-08-13T05:53:00-04:00

Each rental day is based on a 24 hour period. If you rent at noon, it is due back at noon the next day.

For special arrangements and extended drop off times please give us a call or email support@zoomnational.com

Can I drive my Golf Cart Rental on the beach?2020-08-13T03:25:05-04:00

Depending on the area you are renting your golf cart local law may prohibit driving a golf cart on the beach. Whether the golf cart is a rental or owned LSV operating rules apply. When in doubt consult with local authorities with a friendly inquiry. You should advise them your golf cart is registered, tagged, titled, insured, and fully street legal.

From our rental policy perspective, we do not prohibit the use of the golf cart rental wherever deemed legal. If the law says OK so does ZoomAround Golf Cart Rentals.

How much does it cost to rent a golf cart?2020-08-13T05:35:10-04:00

The cost of renting a golf cart varies by its requirements. For example, an LSV will cost more than a standard golf cart. Why? The cost of upgrading is significantly higher as windshield needs to be DOT, as do the tires, and other components. Lights and turn signals and other markings/modifications add on to the price.

Streel Legal Golf Carts or LSV rentals are tagged, titled, insured, registered. Be sure to check your location for LSV rental pricing. Street legal golf carts for rent by zoomaround where we meet or beat anyone advertised price.

How many miles does a golf cart get per charge?2020-08-13T05:32:12-04:00

Electric golf carts have its benefits such as running quietly; allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the environment around you. An electric golf cart rental on a full charge with new top of the line Trojan Batteries (T875) is 40-55 miles. Batteries reach their peak operating at 50 cycles. Be sure you keep your golf cart plugged in and charging whenever not in use.

Where can I rent a golf cart?2020-08-13T05:37:16-04:00

If you are traveling on vacation and the speed limits in the general area are around 35 miles per hour or less chances are street legal golf carts are available for rent.

Google is a good place to start. Search ‘golf cart rental’ and your nearest rental store will show up. Be sure to check both local and delivery options when renting a golf cart.

ZoomAround offers local pickup and delivery in the greater Tampa Bay area.

How old do you have to be to Rent a golf cart?2020-08-13T05:51:17-04:00

The minimum age requirement is 21 for renting a golf cart.

Please contact before renting if your location restricts certain activities.

What kind of gas does a gas golf cart take?2020-08-13T05:29:03-04:00

Did you just rent a gas golf cart? Wanting to fill it up with 87? Go ahead! Our golf carts are all happy to accept the lowest grade fuel. We do appreciate fill ups at A-Grade stations such as Shell, Chevron, Mobil.

Can I purchase Golf Cart Insurance to protect my rental?2020-08-13T03:28:44-04:00

Yes. Upon checkout, if available, there will be an option to add on insurance. In case of accidental damage like a burned seat from cigarette ash or an unfortunate mistake of any kind, our specialized golf cart rental insurance covers you.

Our insurance partner worked closely with the team at ZoomAround to offer a ‘bulletproof’ accidental and no-fault damage protection for your rental golf cart vehicle.

When do I need to charge the golf cart?2020-08-19T06:59:55-04:00

Our team at ZoomAround recommends you charge your golf cart rental whenever not in use. This allows the golf cart to be full of charge just in case hours of riding pop up around the corner! Surely, 100%, must be plugged in overnight. Enjoy the quiet ride!

What is the difference between a street legal golf cart and a regular golf cart?2020-08-19T06:10:27-04:00

A street legal golf cart (LSV) must do at least 20 Miles Per Hour and not exceed 25. Street Legal Golf Carts require a slow-moving vehicle sign, turn signals, horn, DOT components, reflectors, weigh-in verification, and insurance. Overall street legal golf carts come equipped with safety items like seatbelts and headlights amongst other items making them a blast to rent and drive with your loved ones.

Can not find what you are looking for give us a call at (833) 736-8387 and let one of our representatives help you out.